Editorial strategy

From the day we launched in 1997 Sift Media has been an editorially led organisation and our content continues to be key to everything we do.

  • As a publisher that has always been online we’ve remained one step ahead of competitors that have come from a print background and slowly adapted to the digital world. In fact we've created such strong brands online we’re expanding into the offline environment by way of our own events, partnership events and research and analysis.

    Our core strategy is to provide quality editorial content that is relevant, practical, engaging to the reader and fosters conversation amongst the community; accessible across multi-platform and device.

  • Each title has a dedicated editor who is a subject matter expert with a high level of industry knowledge – they act as the 'conductor' of the community. We’ve been fortunate in attracting award-winning editors to our in-house team as well as the top freelance talent from around the UK. We also take quality contributions from independent sources - importantly however, we don’t allow our editorial content to be used as a platform for advertising.

Only the start of the conversation...

Our journalists are just the start of the conversation. By producing high-value editorial we encourage user generated content from members in the form of comments, discussion posts and member blogs. This conversation doesn’t just take place within our online communities – social channels now mean that conversation (and therefore our community reach) is extended further than ever before.