Owning the subject at the heart of a mobile community


IBM needed a solution that would provide access to a hard-to-reach audience of CMOs in enterprise organisations and engage them in a way that would not only provide a powerful degree of brand awareness, but also deliver a significant volume of high-quality sales leads. In particular IBM were looking to align their brand to an area of specific business focus - that of customer experience - and showcase their expertise.


Working closely with the client and ensuring a strong understanding of their requirements, the Sift Media team developed a campaign that would directly deliver against both the required target audience and subject alignment. By creating a dedicated ‘Hub’ for IBM at the heart of the MyCustomer.com community, IBM were able to deliver insight news and conversation to CMOs and their teams from enterprise organisations.

A content schedule was created for the Hub, containing a variety of rich and relevant customer experience resources including multiple blogs, whitepapers, videos, infographics, expert contributions and more - content that was exclusive to this particular IBM sponsored zone of the MyCustomer.com site.

Content within the Hub was supported by editorial within the regular MyCustomer site, in the form of posts on social channels, via solus emails and regular member bulletins, and through display activity across the community. Social posts contained campaign specific hashtags and, thanks to the quality of content, were shared by a number of followers including industry experts/influencers. While the package of display activity included standard formats it also incorporated more innovative solutions such as billboard formats and high-impact homepage takeovers (the latter of used particularly engaging messaging around the RFU and IBM using big data for the QBE rugby internationals).

Finally, for the duration of the campaign all relevant customer experience content which appeared on the regular MyCustomer site received dedicated sponsorship from IBM, in the form of a native advert above the respective feature which linked direct to the hub.

While this integrated campaign performed well from day one, it was recognised midway through that there was more that could be done to improve content visibility by creating a responsive design for the Hub. Not only did this improve the general look and navigation of the Hub it also capitalised on engagement with the growing number of mobile visitors.


This campaign truly allowed IBM to own the topic of customer experience with over 4,500 views of the Hub from relevant professionals. The content within this Hub, supported by email, social, display and editorial activity, was the key driver for campaign success. By hosting it all within a dedicated environment with a user-friendly responsive design the campaign was fully optimised for engagement, even when the user was beyond the desktop.

The stats:

4,517 hub views
432,023 ad impressions & 3,539 ad engagements

94,205 email opens & 1,493 email ad engagements
17,522 reads of IBM insight posts

Marketing decision makers from leading UK organisations:

178 CMO responses (target 120)
164 LOB responses (target 120)
157 Influencers (target 120) 499 Total responses

This campaign is a great example of transforming challenging client objectives into a successful reality. Aligning the IBM brand to such quality content was key to success, but thanks to an engaging environment, good use of appropriate promotional channels, effective messaging and of course the right target audience, the campaign was able to deliver over and above expectations.” Richard Potts, Publisher - MyCustomer