Community engagement, social reach and brand advocacy



Being able to offer customers as many ways as possible to pay for goods and services hugely benefits small businesses, but in the past it has been hard for entrepreneurs to accept credit cards - especially for those who wish to take card payments in non-traditional locations like outdoor markets or in their homes. That has changed with the arrival of a number of solutions allowing the processing of card payments using a smartphone - and WorldPay Zinc is one such innovative product.

WorldPay didn't just want to push their new product to market; they wanted to fully engage their target audience, generate direct conversations, gain feedback, and grow awareness of WorldPay Zinc amongst as many small business owners as possible in a trusted and organic manner - a manner that would be welcome by the small business audience yet highly effective at delivering the brand message at the heart of the community.


With Sift Media’s smal business communities ( and UK Business Forums) providing reach to over 480.000 active business owners and entrepreneurs every month, WorldPay’s initial challenge of finding the right audience was fullfilled immediately. What remained was to develop a campaign that would meet the remaining objectives...
A campaign was launched which directly invited the community to assess the WorldPay Zinc service. Rather than being a brave or ‘risky’ approach for the launch of a new product, WorldPay and Sift Media’s Campaign planners were confident that by involving the community in this way they would be better able to generate quality feedback, develop brand advocacy and ultimately produce content that would be used as quality editorial to engage the wider audience.

This activity and the subsequent brand campaign was supported by a sustained display campaign combining traditional formats with higher-impact inventory including homepage takeovers. In addition, the campaign also targeted the mobile specific small business community (a 5th of all users!) with a 6 week tenancy of mobile display activity.

As part of the integration of multiple campaign channels, a solus email was used to directly engage the small business audience and promote the WorldPay Zinc chip and pin keyboard and app.

Another highly successful feature of the campaign was the use of the popular BusinessZone and UK Business Forums social platforms. By using these channels to start relevant conversations and link to editorial promotion of content such as the product review Sift Media was able to not only engage their own followers but, thanks to multiple shares, it reached a far wider small business audience.


The success of this campaign was largely due to the innovative thinking early in the planning stages of this challenging task. The campaign, which integrated crowdsourcing (gaining product reviews, feedback and brand advocacy), editorial content, display, email and social engagement, delivered brilliant results.

WorldPay were delighted with the level of reach and engagement, and the campaign provided a great return on investment. Indeed thanks to the editorial content, which remains a driver of traffic, it continues to deliver brand awareness long after the campaign has ended!

The stats:

678,106 – Overall views of Worldpay Zinc branded content
24,200 – Reads of Product Review editorial piece and almost 70 social shares


4.43% - Homepage takeover click through rate
3.16% - Solus email click through rate
0.30% - Article sponsorship click through rate
0.27% - Mobile banner click through rate
0.11% - Masthead creative click through rate

The experienced Sift Media team created a package of activity that not only hit the immediate client objectives head-on but, but thanks to the crowdsourcing approach, it also helped to reshape the remainder of the campaign. Our small business audience have a great deal of ownership over ‘their’ community and for a brand to integrate so effectively shows just how well this campaign was thought out. To actually engage the audience in the journey, generate advocacy and promote a new product in such a cohesive way was satisfying for us, but even more so for the client.

Yiuwin Tsang, Publisher, Sift Media - Small Business