Talk less, say more... and win business

Short sentences work. They’re attention grabbing. They avoid clutter.  They’re easily digestible. They’re mobile friendly. And they generate response. Ok, there’s only so many short sentences you can use consecutively before it gets a bit silly, but you get the idea.

Advising marketers to keep advertising copy concise is nothing new, but it’s now more relevant than ever. The continued rise in the use of smartphones and tablets means that not only will your message be read on a smaller screen-size than before it will also be read in more time-sensitive situations – after all, three quarters of people admit to using their smartphone on the toilet!

I’m not saying to imagine your customer on the loo, but if you haven’t already done so you need to stop picturing your prospect as being desk-bound in front of a PC.

While we’re at it, be brave with your grammar. Don’t write in ‘text speak’, but do start sentences with 'And', 'Because', 'But' and other words that would upset your old English teacher. You won’t win points for essay writing, but you could win customers for being concise, relevant and engaging.


Ed P Martin Sift Media Friday 16 November 2012