Start with the end in mind: Tips for mobile advertising

Starting with the end in mind is a saying true of lots of things - but seems particularly relevant. This blog post may not answer all of your mobile queries (I’m certain it won’t!) But it should give you food for thought when it comes to planning your first mobile campaign.


What’s the objective? Are you trying to get clicks? Are you looking to drive engagement, increase social media followers, get competition entries? Are you looking for brand awareness and dwell time?

Who are the contacts that you’re trying to reach, what device are they on? What times of day are best to reach them?

Think about the results that you want to achieve from mobile and work back from there. This is best practice for lots of campaigns but particularly when trying something new. Be specific, be clear - this will allow you to properly measure the success of your campaign


If a user interacts with your ad, where are you taking them? There’s little point in a mobile ad clicking through to a desktop landing page. Or even to a mobile landing page when no other landing pages are mobile friendly.

This doesn’t mean that if your mobile site isn’t up to scratch mobile isn’t an option. There are lots of alternatives. Perhaps a tap to play video, or linking to a social media channel, an app or podcast. Perhaps a mobile game? Maybe users simply tap to expand your ad to get more information in a brand rich environment.

Channels first, not last

Many people remember the early days of online, when it was just a case of plonking offline material into an online environment. Most people will also remember that it didn’t work.

We’re at the point where it could be the same with mobile too. The channels you are using should be a key focus, not an afterthought. User behaviour is different online to on mobile, its different on search and on social, that doesn’t mean you need a totally separate campaign concept for each, but it should mean that the messages are tailored to fit the different channels.

In practical terms, this might mean shortening the message for different channels, it might mean altering your targeting so that different creatives are served to different devices or at different times of day.

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Gemma Screen Sift Media Wednesday 02 January 2013