Learning Technologies - a refresher in integrated marketing

As a publisher that delivers advertising campaigns using some of the most effective integrated online solutions, it’s refreshing to practice what we preach and run a campaign of our own – and promoting our presence at last week’s Learning Technologies conference and exhibition gave us the opportunity to do just that.

Our objectives were 3 fold: to attract as many new members to the TrainingZone site as possible; to meet and obtain feedback from as many existing members as possible; and to establish contact with potential new advertising prospects – a combination of engagement and lead generation.

With the objectives in place we then needed to build a campaign to achieve them. The solution was to integrate branding in pre-show event emails and on-site creative exposure, in addition to event listings (on the official event website) and editorial support through our own TrainingZone community site.  We also included a heavy dose of social media promotion trough Twitter, LinkedIn and our own discussion groups to gather momentum in the build up to the event.  This activity, combined with that of the event owner’s promotion, resulted in plenty of online engagement, many comments and tweets and ultimately hundreds of visitors to our exhibition stand.

This engagement was sustained throughout the 2-day exhibition with demonstrations of the TrainingZone site to potential new members, a prize-draw incentive to attract additional visitors to the stand, regular live social media promotion and a dedicated ‘Tweet-up’ on day 1.  We also ran a well aligned, and highly popular, seminar presentation by our BusinessZone editor (and regular social media speaker) Dan Martin.

All in all our media partnership with Learning Technologies gave us the opportunity to use a variety of online marketing solutions to generate interest and create sustained engagement for this offline event.  You could argue that, as this is exactly the type of activity we charge our clients for, we should be able to execute this activity flawlessly in our sleep (and you’d be right!), but it’s always satisfying when a plan comes together and good to show we can walk the walk.

Thanks to the many hundreds of people that stopped by the TrainingZone stand last week - both members and advertising prospects alike – it was great to meet you.  We hope to work with many of you in the near future.

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Ed P Martin Sift Media Monday 31 January 2011